Community Services

One of the most important services the Young Men's Clinic provides is linking men to educational, employment, and other health services. The following suggestions link you to websites you can check out. Most of the services we list serve males and females; some are for teens only, while others are for teens and adults. We have visited many of these places to check them out, but we haven't visited all of them. If you go to one of these services, we'd like to hear whether you were satisfied with the service you received.


Did you know that millions of New Yorkers, many of them working, combine benefits such as Food Stamps, Family Health Plus, and the Earned Income Tax Credit to make ends meet? And, over 1 million New Yorkers qualify for these benefits - often worth thousands of dollars - but don't access them. /Earn/Benefits is a free service that can help you access these benefits and many more.

To find out more go to, email an /Earn/Benefits counselor at, or call (800) 411-2291 to speak with an /Earn/Benefits Counselor.