Getting regular exercise is an important part of staying physically fit and in good health. Exercise helps you look and feel your best. Regular exercise can help you maintain a good weight, control blood pressure, strengthen and tone muscles, reduce stress, improve mood, and even help you sleep better. There are many ways to get exercise: walking or jogging, stretching, lifting weights, swimming, playing basketball and other sports. To begin, think of small ways to get exercise through your regular daily activities. For example, you could try walking up the stairs to your apartment instead of taking the elevator, taking a walk during lunchtime, or learning to do stretching exercises while you watch TV. Being consistent, starting slow (if you are a beginner), stretching and warming up, choosing an exercise you like, varying what you do to avoid getting bored, exercising with a friend, and exercising moderately are usually good ideas. It's a good idea to get annual physicals and talk with your doctor about your plans to exercise. If you have questions about how much or what activities to do, how to warm up or cool down, or any other questions about exercise, come to the Young Men's Clinic to talk with us.