What is a hernia?

  • A hernia is a weakness in the layers of muscle that allows some inner layers to come through.
  • One type of hernia is a groin hernia. This occurs when the muscles in the inguinal canal are weak and allow a loop of intestines to come through, sometimes into the scrotum.

How do I know if I have a hernia?

  • Sometimes a guy will have pain or a lump in his groin area especially when he lifts something heavy.

How do I get tested for hernia?

  • A doctor will do the "cough" test. He/she will put a finger in the inguinal canal and ask you to cough. This checks for a hernia.

How do I get treatment?

  • Surgery is the only way to "treat" a hernia.
  • Your doctor at the Young Men's Clinic can tell you if you have a hernia and talk with you about what to do.