What is Herpes?

  • It's a virus that causes infections.

How do you get Herpes?

  • One common way to get herpes is to have unprotected sex with a partner that is infected with herpes. Herpes Type 2 causes the majority of genital infections caused by herpes.

How do I know if I have Herpes Type 2?

  • Most of the time, Herpes Type 2 can cause multiple painful or bothersome blisters that can keep coming back.

How do I get tested for Herpes?

  • There is a culture test that is commonly used for Herpes, if a guy has the sores/blisters.
  • There is also a relatively new blood test for herpes that can tell you if you have been exposed to herpes. It is not recommended that everyone get tested for herpes by blood. Talk with your doctor to see if there is reason enough to do this test.
  • DO NOT ASSUME that just because a doctor took blood from you that it is being sent for Herpes! Ask the doctor exactly what tests he/she is ordering.

Is it Curable?

  • No. There are medications to help the sores go away faster or stay away depending on how you use the medicines.

It does not affect your ability to have kids.