Male Cancers: penile, testicular and prostate

What are these cancers?

  • Cancers are when cells of the body grow faster than they should and do not stop growing.
  • There are three cancers that only affect males-- penile, testicular, and prostate cancers.
  • Penile and testicular cancers are rare.
  • However, testicular cancer can affect adolescent and young adult males. Prostate and penile cancer affects older males.

How do I know if I have penile, testicular, or prostate cancer?

  • There are rarely any symptoms early on.
  • Some people suggest performing testicular self-exams. Some guidelines suggest that you get checked during your routine physical for testicular cancer.
  • Prostate cancer screening starts after age 40.
  • For penile cancer, older males should be checked during their routine exams.

How do I get tested for cancer?

  • A doctor will look at the skin of the penis and examine the testicles as a first step.
  • If a doctor suspects penile or testicular cancer, there are a variety of tests that he/she will order.
  • For prostate cancer, a doctor will check the prostate and/or check a blood test called a PSA.

How do I get treatment?

  • If you have one of these cancers, your doctor will explain the different treatment options.