What is Syphilis?

  • It's a bacteria that causes infections.

How do you get Syphilis?

  • One common way to get Syphilis is to have unprotected sex with a partner that is infected with Syphilis.

How do I know if I have Syphilis?

  • In the first stage, if a guy has symptom, he may have a painless sore on his penis around his anus, or around his mouth.
  • In the second stage, he may have different types of rashes.
  • There may be times that guys that have syphilis do NOT HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS!
  • The third stage can affect your brain and can cause DEATH.

How do I get tested for Syphilis?

  • There is a blood test that is commonly used for syphilis an RPR or VDRL.
  • DO NOT ASSUME that just because a doctor took blood from you that it is being sent for Syphilis! Ask the doctor exactly what tests he/she is ordering.

Is it Curable?

  • YES. So if you have had unprotected sex, it is important to get tested and CURED, if you have syphilis!

It does not affect your ability to have kids.